So, um, this is kind of off topic and not related to Norman/Norma in any way, but can I just be serious for a minute? Cause this totally bothers the crap out of me and I just need to talk about it. 

We’re like five episodes into Bates Motel and some people are still calling Emma, “That girl with the oxygen.” 

My father, who I got into Bates Motel, does this too and I tend to chew him out every time. I just find it really, really insulting. She has health issues, yes, but she’s more than that, her problems don’t make up who she is, she is way more than her oxygen tank, she has a name, and a personality, and I know she’s just a fictional character but she has feelings too. 

So please, show some respect and call her Emma, it’s only four letters, it’s not that hard to remember. 

Alright, I’m done, I feel better now, let’s go back to talking about incest.